Experience the FREEDOM of HOME STAGING

Home staging is currently available only in costly properties and it is never practical to bring in furniture only for a photoshoot.
Our Home Staging service costs less and offers a high quality appeal to the property.

Home Staging Virtual Tour
makes visualizing the property easier at low cost.

With the captured panoramic picture, you can easily visualize home staging on the web. It can be used for a wide range of applications ranging from rental up to the buying and selling of the property.

Characteristics of Home Staging Virtual Tour

Provide High-quality and Low Cost Content (10,000 JPY or less)

It usually takes 150,000 JPY for home staging. However, if you use the home staging virtual tour, you can set up easily with less than 10,000 JPY, so you can easily differentiate yourself from competitors.

Boost Sales by Uploading Virtual Tours To The Web.

Most buyers will gather information on the web. Therefore, the impression on the web is very important. Home Staging Virtual Tour allows you to share the property at its appealing state that can be accessed anywhere anytime by your buyers.

Customizable Simulation

It is possible to incorporate simulation function according to your request. By changing the layout and interior design at the time of property viewing, we can make proposals tailored to the customer's lifestyle.

Tailored Furniture Upon Request

Dedicated 3DCG creators can model furniture and appliances as needed. We want to put this product in the living room, we want to sell the property with this furniture and set, it is possible to respond to every customer's needs.


Fee structure
From the time you receive the material, you can deliver it in 2-5 business days.
9,800~ JPY
* The display is the taxation amount.
* There is a case that a charge separately occurs depending on the contents.