Sale by looking at the property under construction.

Composite Virtual Tour
Promotes Sales Before Completion

By compositing the 3D perspective of the exterior of the building to the actual photograph of the planned construction site, you can experience the finished three-dimensional virtual image which was hard to imagine by simply parsing the plane or design drawing.

Features of Composite Virtual Tour

Cost Reduction Through Early Sales of Unfinished Property

It will be possible to market the property using the virtual tour which will take at a very short duration to produce. Bank loans for the construction of the property will be much lesser because of the accelerated sales and therefore leads to reduction of the payment rate.

Sharing The Property's Virtual Tour With The Realistic Appeal

By using VR goggles, you can check the future cityscape without being in the office. In addition, it is possible to compare the actual ground and the future property after the completion like the Augmented Reality in the field.

Improved Web Access

Comparing our high quality service to competitors is obvious because of a widely accepted and with the increasing users of web applications. It can be viewed and available anywhere supporting different platforms such as web and mobile.

Personalize the services by combining it with other services to fit your business needs

The combination of Composite Virtual Tour and an appealing Interior Virtual Tour will attract customers. It is also possible to add additional simulation features such as color, design and furniture selection.


  • Building Confirmation Drawing CAD Data etc.
  • Specification
  • Panoramic Photos Of The Construction Site
  • Building/Construction Sketches and Blueprints
  • Exterior (Landscape) Plan
  • Construction References



Deliverable in 1 to 2 weeks after receiving the materials.
Exterior Basic Charge
40,000 JPY ~
1 Additional Building
20,000 JPY~
1 Additional Camera Angle
15,000 JPY~
* The above displayed figures are taxed.
* Some billings may vary depending on the contents.
For Example
In the case of production of 2 camera angles at the site of 4 condominium development sites.
Exterior basic charge
4 fare fees
2 fixed price
150,000JPY(Excluding tax)