Multiple people simultaneously immersing into VR space

The Majesty Court Meguro

Virtual showroom


Supported Devices:

Virtual Showroom with immersive experience that makes you feels like being in actual room with rich material textures

An interactive Simulated Virtual Showroom for The Majesty Court Meguro. This project includes rich 3D visualizations & tours with interactive floor plan selection. This tour offers an immersive exploring experience for its users with real lighting conditions and material texturing. It enables its users to choose from 2 floor plan layouts seamlessly. Navigation with either of the unit is much easier with the location indicator embedded within the floorplans of the application. of the application.

The property application offers a Windows supported platform that you can open in any computer anywhere and anytime you want to. Whether it be for personal use or during a client presentation. The Oculus Rift is another platform of the application for a richer tour experience. Users can easily move around the property.

The Majesty Court Meguro is a 2-Floor Plan Flat property in located in Japan. Each Unit has its own Living Room, Dining Room, Hubby Room, Bathroom (and a separate Toilet) , Kids Play Room and a comfortable balcony.