Multiple people simultaneously immersing into VR space


Multiplay Virtual Showroom


Supported Devices:

Multiplay simulation system designed for Oculus Rift

Multiple people can immerse themselves into VR space simultaneously. This time, we have incorporated 100 or more products from a certain manufacturer. When you come for viewing with your family, you can see, simulate, and compare the interior together. In addition, a sales officer and a customer can be in same virtual space with this system even if they are in different place. It is effective for preview the overseas real estate because it costs too much just going for viewing.

The property is a simulation of a single flat condominium style unit. It has a modern interior design. Furnitures are carefully selected to and well placed within the unit to simulate a realistic arrangement of the property. The grand living room that has a stunning exterior view through a floor to ceiling window. The kitchen counter top that has a multi-purpose function. It acts as a main activity counter and a bar. Other rooms like Master’s Bedroom and Bathroom are also designed accordingly and are also available to both windows and virtual tour.