Multiple people simultaneously immersing into VR space


Virtual Showroom with Simulation


Supported Devices:

Virtual Showroom with simulation system for HTC VIVE. Seamless room scale simulation with friendly usability of UI / UX.

Phnom Penh Loft is a room scale simulation system which allows users to have a realistic customization experience. With the use of HTC VIVE, it brings the users to a room whether it be office or commercial and intuitively navigate. With the use of the VIVE Controller, changes on aspects of room such as Wall, Floor, and Furnitures are possible. This function enables the property owner to convince their clients to buy the property.

Other projects can have the same technology and functionality. It is possible to add daytime and night time lighting condition to simulate the ambience of any property at any time of the day. Furniture handling can also be added which will allow the users to have a different level of customization to move around a furniture wherever they want to and save it for future references if they need be. Subtle adjustment functions like temperature changes is also possible. Any property projected in HTC VIVE together with our services and right functionalities, It can be helpful in ensuring to keep your clients convinced and eventually generate more sales.