Multiple people simultaneously immersing into VR space


Virtual Tour


Supported Devices:

360 virtual tour of a two-story building. Sharing third dimensional images with a full CG 360 virtual tour.

Naoya Kawabe Project is a 360 Virtual Tour. This application has an interactive User Interface that shows different angle shots of the property for easy viewing. And an interactive Floor Plan which shows the current location of the chosen angle. From there, users can click on different angles that they desire to view. In the Interior of the property, all the rooms can be explored and viewed by the users. Together with a seamless User Interface which can be accessed in the application anytime during the tour. The application can be viewed via web browsers. Other functions like Mobile VR enables users to view the property using phones or any mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

This property is a two(2) storey residential building that features a minimalistic and light interior design. It has multiple functional rooms such as Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen. The exterior are landscaped to make a realistic feel of the property.

We visualized a layout design by NAOYA KAWABE ARCHITECT & ASSOCIATES with a 360 virtual tour in which the visual point shifts between predetermined points. It’s easy to share image of building just by pasting this content on a web site or sharing its URL. It used to be difficult to share images of a design in 3-dimensional space only with architectural perspective drawing or design drawings. With smartphones and VR goggle, we can share the designs in 3D space.