Multiple people simultaneously immersing into VR space


Virtual Showroom with Simulation


Supported Devices:

3 floor plans and 5 renovation styles. Simulate your renovation with a selection of 7 colors.

Machi-Saga Style Virtual Tour is a renovation simulation app works on Oculus Rift for visitors to simulate a renovated version of the property. Even before the actual renovation in Japan is done, each floor plan appeals to different clients therefore maximizing sales for the property handlers. The property has units with which their clients could choose from the three (3) distinct floor plan layouts such as 3LDK-A, 3LDK-B and 2LDK. Additionally, users can choose one from five different interior design (Beach, Vintage, Natural, Stylish and Provance). With the user friendly and easy to access user interface in both Windows and Oculus application, it takes just one click for the users to customize the interior of the chosen unit the way they like it. The materials of all the units are carefully rendered to mimic a realistic feel ensuring a realistic tour.

The property is located in Japan and the renovation is under way. Each unit comprises 70 square meter dimension. Complete with Living Room, Kitchen, Bathroom, 2 Bedrooms (Master Bedroom, Kids Room). Each unit with different floor plan is carefully designed to fit all the necessary rooms maximizing every space.