Multiple people simultaneously immersing into VR space


Virtual Tour


Supported Devices:

Photorealistic 360-degree Virtual Tour combined with actual location panorama images.

Kitaterao is a Virtual Tour combined with the captured actual 360 location images. This application features a composite of both images for its user to perceive the property at its where it is going to be constructed. Project tour allows users to view the structure in different angles in both exterior and Interior. Existing buildings in the actual area is also included in the tour. In the Interior of Kitaterao, all the rooms can be explored and view by the users. Together with a seamless User Interface which can be accessed in the application anytime during the tour. Floor plans are provided with a location indicator for a much friendly navigation. The application can be viewed via web browsers. Other functions like Mobile VR enables users to view the property using phones or any mobile devices anytime and anywhere.

This project is located in Japan. It is a 2-storey building with multiple functional rooms. It has Living and Dining Room, Kitchen, 3 Bedrooms, Masters Bedroom, Bathroom and Lavatory. The Application tour offers a detailed visual information of the property’s interior.