Future of real estate with VR playing

We support homebuilding industry
in boosting up business efficiency with
our technology.


Sharing images with VR

It is so important to share images between buyers and sellers when it comes to selling something invisible.
VR eliminates the gap in between them by offering the experience of reality in the future and making it visible.

VR is so useful in many ways.
For example, renovation/rebuilding companies can use VR to simulate colors and materials or property developers use VR to let customers actually feel tones of color.

There is nothing better than to share an actual thing when you try to share images on something because you can simply say “I want this.”
With technologies of VR, you definitely get closer to actual world than with sketches or CG perspectives.
What we aim for is such service that makes the boundary between the real world and the virtual reality just a single door, which is similar to what Anywhere Door can do for you.

Reduction of time and costswith VR

It has been a common notion that you make your way to construction sites when you’re house-hunting or looking for a site.
But with the introduction of VR contents, sellers can show details of building sites at their office or they can guide only motivated buyers to a site.
That sellers can quickly start selling leads to more advantages such as time saving or cost reduction.

Considering and comparing with VR

VR allows buyers to look for properties more efficiently because they can compare more properties with less time.
Also, sellers can target only motivated buyers and that way sellers can make improvements of the quality of sale activities.

It is easy to change materials for floor or wall inside the virtual reality that you can make a detailed comparison while simulating colors or contrasts, which are conventionally tough to perceive.