360 Solution

We create 360 virtual tour contents that are accessible
from anywhere in the world with a combination of
CG and real panorama images taken with a 360 camera.

Changing the common sense of the real estate industry
with a new VR sales marketing using Full CG Panorama

We produce 360 virtual tours of ”Photographs and CG composition”
and “Full CG” using various 360 cameras including RICOH THETA.

This makes it possible to experience the real feeling of living
in the properties with compositions of pictures taken with
360 camera and CG of exterior and interior of buildings including cars and gardens.
It is possible not only to experience 360 virtual tours on websites
but also to experience the immersive 360 mobile VR tours on smart phones.

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Past projects 1

Full CGVR tour

Browser-based 360 virtual tours
and immersive experiences with smartphones
make it possible to share more realistic images.

We visualized a layout design by NAOYA KAWABE ARCHITECT & ASSOCIATES with a virtual tour in which the visual point shifts between predetermined points.
Just by putting this content on a web site or sharing its URL helps sharing images on a building.
It has been conventionally hard to share a finished picture of a design for the 3-dimentional space with only a perspective or a blueprint but we succeeded in making it easier through virtual experiences on a smartphone or VR goggles.

Past projects 2

CG 360 virtual tours

Reveal the whole perspective of a property even when you are at office.
CG 360 virtual tours lead to a higher percentage of orders received from customers and boost up the efficiency in cost-reduction.

We developed a sales/marketing tool with a CG 360 virtual tour for a building lots sales project, “Passivetown Namekawa”, by JUN HOME Co., Ltd.
Finished pictures of a property are hard to imagine but by mounting virtually generated buildings to actual photos it becomes possible to see the finished pictures, which makes the property has a stronger appeal.
Putting this on a website is not the only thing you can expect from this tool.
You can have a wide variety of usage such as putting its QR code on ads or letting customers virtually tour at a construction site while checking the arrangement so that they can imagine finished pictures of the property even more clearly.

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