Work Samples

VR contents we created in the past


Conversion of a large-scale condominium’s showroom into VR.

New approach to a potential customers from afar

We brought a virtual showroom as a sales/marketing tool to a large-scale condominium project “Bodaiju Residence”.
This content can show a full CG version of the property on Oculus Rift or display panoramic images of a neighboring area of the building lot.
As for interiors, we put a focus on an accurate reproduction of the showroom and generating photorealistic texture of interiors. What we expect from this content are cutting costs for room tour or a wider approach to a remote potential customers.
If you bring this to a sales distributor in abroad, it helps a lot to fill the gap between sellers and potential buyers on their images for a property in advance, which allows seller to tour only the motivated customers around the actual property.



windows and Oculus Rift oriented virtual showroom of a high-end residence

Even an elevator is describable with VR. Time zone switching function

  • Service :Virtual showroom with simulation function
  • Device : windows/Oculus Rift
  • Client : R' Investment Group
  • Date : October, 2016.

We created this VR content for selling and marketing a retail/residential building in Phnom Penh.
We developed it for Occulus Rift but due to the need for face-to-face sales we developed for windows as well.
The greatest selling point of the property was an elevator so we focused on accurately reproducing it including its rising and falling motion.
We introduced a time zone switching function for this content, which we believe is a characteristic function of VR.



360 virtual tour for building lots sales with virtually generated buildings combined in real images

Visualize the future with a reasonably priced 360 camera

  • Service :360 SOLUTION
  • Device : Web Player
  • Client : JUN HOME Co., Ltd.
  • Date : January, 2017
  • Website :

We developed a VR content for building lots sales in Japan.
We first virtually generated buildings then mounted them to images taken with “THETA”, a three to four hundred dollars 360 camera to produce the image of finished space.
It works as a tool to draw more attention and also is useful during a meeting at office because you can check things about the building site without going to the actual site.
We are planning to use this content in a wide variety way such as putting a QR code on leaflets or having VR experience events at the site.
Hope this sheds light on new possibilities of 360 camera.

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Rebuilding purpose
VR simulation

3 floor plans and 5 renovation styles
Simulate your renovation with a selection of 7 colors

  • Service :Virtual showroom with simulation function
  • Device : Oculus Rift
  • Date : February, 2017
  • Website :

We developed a renovation simulation app works on Occulus Rift for visitors to simulate renovation.
With VR simulation, it becomes easier to have an image on the way the property looks like after having renovation therefore renovation service has a stronger appeal to customers.
What this content is capable of doing is renovating a standard (70 square meters) apartment flat with three different floor plans.
Users can also choose one from five different renovation styles, each style tagged with a keyword such as “vintage” or “modern” with one click and also can simulate parts that they want to be particular about such as kitchen, flooring material or wall material.
We were so keen on flooring material to generate its solid texture.



For Gear VR
Custom-built house tour content

Experience both the exterior and interior with VR.
To the era of buying a custom-built house after seeing it.

  • Service :Virtual showroom
  • Device : Gear VR
  • Client : Daishin kensetsu Corp.
  • Date : January, 2017
  • Website :

We developed a VR contents for customers under consideration of buying a custom-built house.
It has been conventionally hard to imagine the finished picture of a custom-built house but with VR we made it possible to see both the exterior and interior.
It was because we standardized a flow and contents that we managed to cut the development cost.
While developing this content, we felt that buying a custom-built house after seeing its details would be standardized in the future.


Virtual Showroom

Multiplayer floor simulation system for Oculus Rift

Multiple people experience VR space simultaneously

  • Service :Multiplayer Virtual Showroom
  • Device : Oculus Rift
  • Client : DEMO for EXPO
  • Date : June, 2017

Multiple people simultaneously immersing into VR space, you can simulate flooring materials. This time, we have incorporated 100 or more products from a certain manufacturer. Due to the Multiplayer system, family customer can see the kitchen together, also change the color of the wallpaper with compare and communicate each other. In addition, this system enables sales officer to share the space with customer, even if they are in different place. It is effective for preview the overseas real estate, because it cost too much just go.

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Design office

360 virtual tour of a two-story building

Sharing third dimensional images with a full CG 360 virtual tour

  • Service :Full CG 360 virtual tour
  • Device : mobile/web
  • Date : March, 2017
  • Website :

We visualized a layout design by NAOYA KAWABE ARCHITECT & ASSOCIATES with a 360 virtual tour in which the visual point shifts between predetermined points.
Just by putting this content on a web site or sharing its URL helps sharing images on a building.
It has been conventionally hard to share a finished picture of a design for the 3-dimentional space with only a perspective or a blueprint but we succeeded in making it easier through virtual experiences on a smartphone or VR goggles.

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Virtual Showroom

Virtual showroom with Simulation System for HTC VIVE

Seamless space simulation with friendly usability of UI / UX,

  • Service :Multiplayer Virtual Showroom
  • Device : Oculus Rift
  • Client : DEMO for EXPO
  • Date : June, 2017

We have developed a space simulation system which make use of the real room scale, that is a strong characteristic of HTC VIVE. Friendly usability of UI / UX, seamless space simulation is possible just by touching the controller while walking. In the EXPO, we maintain a high presence by putting a real sofa.

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